4 Labor Day Plumbing Tips

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Labor Day is coming soon and the three-day weekend is perfect for taking care of some home improvement jobs. If you’re like many homeowners, you probably have more than a few projects on your list, including some plumbing repairs. While some of these jobs are best left to a professional plumber like the ones at Carter Quality Plumbing, others are routine maintenance that you can handle on your own. Here are four things you can do to stay stress-free and avoid making an emergency call to plumbers in Rock Hill, SC later on:

  1. Clean and maintain your garbage disposal – To avoid an awful clog in your sink, try to keep your garbage disposal clean and free of large scraps of food. Don’t pour grease, oils, or fats down the drain. These can lead to serious damage to your sink.
  2. Learn the location of the toilet shut-off valve – If your toilet starts flooding uncontrollably, the first thing you should do is cut off the water source using the shut-off valve. Find it and remember its location!
  3. Keep the bathroom clean – Keeping a tidy bathroom is important for preventing clogs. Move small objects that could fall in a toilet or a bathtub. Wipe up any hair or other trash that could go down the drain. Place a trash bin in your bathroom and throw these small objects away when you see them lying around.
  4. Notice anything strange? – Have you heard a weird noise in your pipes? Is your tub draining unusually slow? What may seem like a small annoyance can get worse over time. Pay attention to all your plumbing and make a note of anything that may require a professional plumbing repair.

Call Carter Quality Plumbing and let us help you with all of your plumbing problems. Our plumbers in Rock Hill, SC offer pipe leak detection and many other services in Indian Land, Lancaster, Fort Mill, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.

Carter Quality Plumbing provides plumbing and septic services for Lancaster, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and surrounding areas of North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact us for more information!

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