Why Do My Water Pipes Make Noise?

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Do you hear knocking, creaking, or banging sounds in the walls of your home? These annoying sounds are often coming from your pipes. But why do pipes make noise in the first place? Even more importantly, how can you tell when this noise is caused by a serious problem that calls for repairs or even repiping? The experts at Carter Quality Plumbing in Lancaster, SC want to share some of the common causes behind pipe noises:

  • High water pressure – If the water pressure is too high in your home, you could hear some loud banging sounds. A plumber can adjust the regulator that’s attached to the water supply line in your house. Quite often, this will make a difference in the sound.
  • Loose Mounts – Check every open or visible pipe in your house, including pipes under your kitchen sink or in your basement. See if they’re all adequately and tightly fastened. Loose pipes can make vibrations or bang on objects around them, which can result in unpleasant sounds.
  • “Water hammers” – Just like the name says, water can create an intense sound like that of a hammer when it arrives at a faucet. Air chambers, or vertical pipes that are installed near faucets, are designed to counter water hammers by cushioning the fast flowing water. Every now and again, you may need to refill these air chambers to stop or prevent more water hammers in your home.

Are the noises coming from your pipes getting worse? Call Carter Quality Plumbing and we can help you today. Our Rock Hill, SC plumbers offer pipe repairs, including leaking pipes, pipe leak detection, and repiping services in Indian Land, Lancaster, Fort Mill, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.

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