3 Tips for Avoiding Septic Tank Emergencies

Septic tank cover

Septic tanks are a part of life for many people in the Lancaster, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Charlotte areas. But if you’ve ever had trouble with one, you know they can be a real nightmare in an emergency. There’s nothing worse than discovering that your septic tank has backed up into your home. At Carter Quality Plumbing, we’re always here to help with our expert septic tank services, but we’d like to help you avoid trouble whenever possible.

Here are a few tips for you so you can prevent septic tank emergencies at your home:

  1. Schedule routine septic tank pumping –  A septic tank is designed to stockpile all the wastewater that exits your household’s pipes. Eventually, liquid and solid waste will build up inside your tank. If ignored, your tank can end up overflowing. The best way to combat this is through routine septic tank pumping. Depending on the size of your tank, you should get it pumped approximately every two to seven years. Our septic professionals can help you figure out what’s right for your tank.
  2. Cut down on home water usage – Another way to keep a septic tank emergency from happening is to cut back on your water usage. Low-flow toilets, shower heads, and other special fixtures can help you cut back on water. Watch your personal water consumption as well.
  3. Get periodic inspections – This is the best way to prevent a septic emergency. Septic tank companies can inspect your system and spot a problem before it arises. Talk to us and let us schedule an inspection for your tank.

For these and any other septic tank services in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas call Carter Quality Plumbing today!

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