The Top 5 Reasons to Call for a Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Line Service

Just because you don’t see your sewer line every day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about it. It’s important to watch out for the signs you may be experiencing a sewer system problem, as a nasty sewage back-up or wastewater leak can be a major hazard for your entire household. Keep reading for the top five reasons to call for a sewer camera inspection, courtesy of our experts at Carter Quality Plumbing.

5 Common Signs It’s Time to Call for a Sewer Inspection

  1. Age: It’s important to have a rough estimate of the age of your sewer line, as this will help you determine how much wear and tear it has gone through over time. While cast iron piping can last anywhere between 75 and 100 years, some sewer line materials only last about 50 years. So if your home is 50-years-old or older and you have never had your sewer line checked out, now is a good time to call Carter Quality Plumbing for a camera inspection.
  2. Odors: A sewage-like smell around your property is never a good sign. If you have noticed that toxic, rotten-egg like odor drifting up from your pipes, or wafting around your yard, call our professionals right away to see if there is a problem in your sewer line.
  3. Noises: If you have heard a frequent gurgling or bubbling sound emanating from your plumbing system, it is possible that there is a clog in your sewer line. These types of sounds can also be attributed to a regular drain line clog, so listen for gurgling noises in multiple rooms, as this is a strong sign that the issue lies deeper within your sewer system. These sounds are also particularly concerning if they are accompanied by…
  4. Back-Ups: While a waste back-up can occur in your toilet or drain for multiple reasons, it should always be dealt with swiftly. Sometimes, a back-up occurs because of a break within your sewer line. This will require immediate professional service, so do not hesitate to call Carter Quality Plumbing for a sewer camera inspection if one or more back-up has recently occurred on your property.
  5. Lush Wet Spots in Your Yard: Sometimes, when people have a lot of trees or shrubbery in their yard, the roots can become attracted to the moisture in their sewer lines, which acts as a kind of natural fertilizer. This can lead to a fairly common problem called root intrusion, which occurs when tree roots actually grow around or into your lines. Watch out for moist, overgrown green patches in your yard, as this is a common sign that your sewer line has ruptured, and that wastewater is seeping up through your grass.

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