What to Look for When Choosing a Reliable Plumber


Finding a reliable plumber can be quite difficult, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. As plumbing services are often needed urgently and at inconvenient times, it can be hard to find the right plumber for the job who is available and competent.

Additionally, many plumbers charge high rates that make them unaffordable for anyone’s budget. That's why it's important to research plumbers in your area before you sign a contract.

5 Things to Look for in a Qualified Plumber

Fortunately, you can find a qualified plumber you can trust even if you’ve never needed to call a plumber before. By seeing how the qualities below align with a plumbing company you’re considering, you can feel more confident about choosing the right plumber for help.

1. Services Offered

One of the first things you should look for in a plumber is the types of services they offer. Most plumbers tend to do the same stuff, but some specialize in certain services or prefer certain types of customers (typically residential vs. commercial).

It’s essential that you find a plumber who’s not only willing to work on your home or commercial property but can also offer the specific services you require.

2. Years of Experience

Plumbers with many years of experience provide higher quality work because they are more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of the plumbing industry. An experienced plumber can quickly and effectively diagnose the underlying cause of any plumbing issue while having the right tools and techniques to apply a long-lasting solution.

If a plumber doesn’t advertise the number of years of experience they have, feel free to ask. We at Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC, for example, have more than 22 years of experience serving residents and businesses in Rock Hill, South Carolina!

3. Licensing

Plumbers require licensing in South Carolina, so it’s incredibly important to make sure the plumber you choose not only has a license but an active one as well. Licensing matters because it proves that the plumber has demonstrated a level of knowledge and skill that the government deems necessary to perform plumbing tasks.

Never hire a plumber who’s unwilling or reluctant to share information about their licensing. This isn’t a secret we keep from our customers when requested, and you should be wary of any plumbing company that you suspect is operating without proper licensing.

4. Bonded & Insured

You might see many plumbers advertise they are bonded and insured, but maybe you aren’t sure what exactly this means. First, a plumber who has insurance typically has a policy that covers any damage they may cause to your home as a result of their plumbing work. Second, bonding refers to financial protection in the event of substandard work, failure to meet plumbing codes, and/or if there was a failure to complete the job.

It might seem like a red flag that a plumber is protecting their liability, but it just means they can compensate you if something goes wrong. A plumber who is bonded and insured is prepared, not a risk!

5. Communication

When you reach out to a plumber, you should expect a timely response whether you call or send an email. It’s possible that a seemingly unresponsive plumber may be swamped with helping other customers, but if it feels nearly impossible to get a hold of someone who can help, you’re probably better off trying another company.

Along these lines, you should expect your plumber to clearly explain the issue affecting your home, what their solution is, and what it may cost in the end. Some plumbers may not be so transparent about pricing, but that’s often because it can be difficult to predict the scope and duration of certain jobs before they begin working on them.

If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to communicate with your plumber, you may wish to look for help elsewhere. At Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC, we take pride in providing our customers with the best possible customer service. That means responsive and thorough communication that gives you all the information you need to know to make the best decision for your home or business.

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