Frequently Asked Questions About Low-Flow Toilets


Many homeowners are turning to low-flow toilets when they want to reduce their water bills and impact on the environment. But what exactly is a low-flow toilet, how long does it last, and is it really worth replacing your existing toilet?

We commonly get questions like these and others from our customers, which is why we wanted to address as many of them here as possible. Keep reading to learn more about low-flow toilets and how to decide if they’re right for your home.

What Is a Low-Flow Toilet?

A low-flow toilet is a toilet that uses a smaller amount of water to flush than traditional toilets. In the 1990s, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated that new toilets could only use 1.6 gallons per flush. Low-flow toilets can get by with less, sometimes as few as 1.28 gallons of water.

Compare this to traditional toilets built and installed before the EPA’s mandate, which could use three or more gallons of water per flush!

Will I Have to Flush a Low-Flow Toilet More?

It’s unlikely! A common belief about low-flow toilets is that they end up using more water because it requires more flushes to get everything down the drain. The reality is that these toilets are built with efficiency in mind. You can expect a low-flow toilet to work about as well as any other toilet because it’s designed to maximize the efficiency of a smaller amount of water.

What’s a Dual-Flush Toilet?

A dual-flush toilet is a toilet with two-part buttons that let you control how much water is flushed depending on the type of waste in the bowl. Liquid waste will require much less water whereas you might need more water to deal with solid waste. Overall, these types of toilets can be great additions to your home if you’re looking to be more water-conscious.

Can I Install a Low-Flow Toilet in My Home?

You might be able to install a low-flow toilet in your home. These fixtures may have different space requirements compared to your current toilets, so older homes may experience setbacks when it comes to low-flow toilet installation.

How Long Does a Low-Flow Toilet Last?

A low-flow toilet can last up to 30 years, which is comparable to the expected lifespan of older toilets.

If you have a traditional toilet in your home, you know that it can last for decades because it probably has. The good news is replacing that older toilet with a new low-flow model doesn’t mean you’ll be trading reliability for water cost savings and even increasing the value of your home. In this respect, a low-flow toilet can be a win-win-win deal!

Who Can Help Me Replace My Toilet?

If you want to replace your home’s existing toilets with low-flow models, contact Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC today. We have many years of experience in plumbing services, including bathroom remodels.

Our experts can advise you on the best models available for your budget and space requirements, allowing you to choose the most comfortable, efficient, and reliable fixtures for your home.

For more information, contact Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC online now!