Why Does My Water Look Cloudy?


Have you ever noticed that a glass of water you just pulled from the tap looks a little… cloudy? It might even look a bit like milk, so it’s completely understandable why anyone would be put off by water with such an appearance.

Even if you’ve already dumped that glass out, the good news is that your water is more than likely OK. In fact, it can be pretty normal for water to have such an appearance for reasons we’ll get into soon. That said, there are other reasons why water can look cloudy that indicate you need assistance from a professional plumber.

Bubbles Are the Main Cause

In most cases, bubbles are the reason why water looks cloudy. These bubbles are very small – so small that you might not even be able to pick them out with the naked eye! Think about how rushing water or a waterfall makes water look white, and that’s what’s going on here: There are many air bubbles in your water that give it that whitish color!

These air bubbles are harmless! They’re caused by changes in temperature and/or pressure (usually during cold weather) and are nothing to worry about. If you’re still put off by the way your water looks, however, just let your glass sit for a few minutes to wait for the bubbles to dissipate.

Problematic Causes of Cloudy Water

Although bubbles are a harmless reason for the color of drinking water to look a little different, there are other causes that may be responsible.

Dirt Can Make Water Look Cloudy

If dirt is getting into your water supply from a crack in your water line, this could be a reason why your water looks cloudy. The cloudiness, in this case, is caused by very fine particles that swirl around when you fill a glass of water. If you let that glass sit for a while, you might notice these particles settling on the bottom.

You might want to have a professional plumber come out to inspect your plumbing system for possible leaks or deficiencies that may be introducing dirt into your water supply. A plumber can also install a sediment filter to address this problem.

Sulfur Is Another Culprit for Milky-Colored Water

If your drinking water has high levels of hydrogen sulfide, your water may look cloudy. Chances are, though, you’ll be more concerned about the rotten-eggs smell! Hydrogen sulfide is created by sulfur bacteria that live in wells or plumbing systems that lack a lot of oxygen. They eat organic matter and excrete hydrogen sulfide gas, which gets mixed with clean water.

Sulfur isn’t particularly harmful to ingest, but no one wants to take a shower in water that smells like sewer gas! To eliminate sulfur bacteria, consider installing a water filtration system for your home and ensuring its sewer ventilation is working as intended.

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