Signs You Need to Schedule a Water Analysis


Many homeowners don’t realize that the “fresh” water that their water lines are delivering to their homes isn’t all that clean or healthy. Whether due to minerals, chemicals, farm runoff, gas, hazardous waste, particles, piping debris, road salt, or other pollutants, many homes are supplied with contaminated water and homeowners are none the wiser.  

Luckily, the plumbing professionals at Carter Quality Plumbing have outlined various signs you can look out for that indicate the need to schedule a water assessment. Continue reading to learn more!  

What to Look Out For  

The consequences of poor water quality can range from irritating to dangerous. The best way you can protect your home is to be aware of the signs that your drinking water is unsafe.  

If you experience any of the following, you should schedule a water assessment right away

  • Discolored water (yellow, orange, or brown) 

  • Water that tastes metallic  

  • Cloudy water  

  • Calcium deposits on your sinks or faucets  

  • Spotty dishes  

  • Water that smells like chlorine  

  • Water that smells foul  

  • You suspect there is lead in your water 

  • There was a chemical or fuel spill near your water supply  

  • You are bringing a new baby into the home  

  • You live nearby agricultural sites  

  • You live nearby a landfill or dump 

  • Your plumbing pipes are corroded  

This list is not exhaustive. If you have any reason to suspect that you may have poor water quality, we recommend taking action right away.  

How Often Should I Test My Water? 

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that you have your water tested at least once a year. You should have it tested more than once in a year if you experience certain situations such as pregnancy, bringing a child into the home, a chemical or fuel spill nearby your water supply, water taste, odor, or staining issues, and more.  

Schedule Your Water Assessment with Carter Quality Plumbing 

If any of the above signs apply to your home, reach out to Carter Quality Plumbing right away to schedule a free water analysis. Since 2001, our plumbing team has provided residents and business owners with second-to-none customer care. Our highly trained and fully licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers have the expertise necessary to perform an accurate assessment of your water supply and determine the best possible solution tailored to your situation.  

Whether you’re dealing with hard, rust-filled, murky, or otherwise contaminated water, we can help. We have access to the latest and greatest water treatment systems such as water softeners and water filters to supply your home with fresh, clean water.  

Schedule a plumbing assessment with the plumbers at Carter Quality Plumbing today. Call (803) 998-2270 or message us online.