Strange Plumbing Noises & What Causes Them


Your home’s plumbing system can be noisier than you realize – especially if there’s a problem behind the strange sounds you’re hearing. While not all plumbing sounds are indicative of a problem, it’s important to identify those that might be and address them sooner than later.

Keep reading to learn more about plumbing sounds that might sound strange to you.

Banging Sounds & Your Plumbing System

You shouldn’t hear any kind of banging sound in your plumbing system. When you hear a banging sound coming from your pipes, this typically means there’s a water flow or water pressure problem. In most cases, these issues are caused by water hammers or trapped air.

What Is a Water Hammer?

A water hammer is a pressure wave that travels through your plumbing system, causing your pipes to vibrate and create a “banging” sound. Also known as hydraulic shock, a water hammer can happen when water is suddenly stopped upon closing a worn valve. It can also happen when piping throughout your home isn’t properly supported.

Trapped Air & Banging Sounds in Pipes

Air trapped in your water line can also cause banging sounds in your pipes. If the banging starts immediately upon turning your faucet on, chances are trapped air is to blame. You’ll probably need a professional plumber’s assistance to address this problem.

Gurgling Sounds & Your Plumbing System

You’re likely to notice gurgling sounds coming from a drain, such as a sink or a shower drain. Gurgling is caused by a clogged pipe, which should be addressed before the drain completely stops.

Clogs in drain pipes can be caused by buildup from soap, hair, mineral deposits, and larger objects that may have fallen into the drain. Removing clogs with help from a professional plumber can resolve unpleasant gurgling sounds.

Rattling Sounds & Your Plumbing System

If you notice rattling sounds throughout your home whenever someone is taking a shower, turns on the faucet, or even flushes a toilet, this can be a sign that the pipes in your home aren’t properly secured.

Whether they’re behind walls, ceilings, or floors, pipes should be securely fastened to your home’s structure. If they aren’t, they can move as water flows through them, causing them to create a rattling sound.

Rattling is also more than a mere nuisance. Over time, it can loosen pipe fittings and cause important parts of your plumbing system to fail. This is why it’s essential to have a plumber address pipe rattling sounds as soon as possible.

Humming Sounds & Your Plumbing System

When your water pressure is too high, your pipes can vibrate and create a humming sound you may hear coming from behind your walls or above your ceiling. High water pressure often occurs when a home’s pressure regulator fails or a home isn’t equipped with one, and it should be addressed to avoid damaging other elements of the plumbing system, such as fixtures and pipe fittings.

Contact a Plumber When You Hear a Weird Sound

At Carter Quality Plumbing, LLC, we get calls from customers who complain about all kinds of weird sounds that their plumbing systems make. Rest assured that our experienced plumbers know all of the common sounds your pipes and drains can make, and we can apply a long-lasting solution to address ongoing problems.

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