How to Properly Caulk Your Tub

How to Caulk a Tub

With the Coronavirus still a concern for many people across the country, Carter Quality Plumbing wants to reassure you that we are here for your essential plumbing needs. However, we also want to help empower our customers to perform simple plumbing repairs on their own. One area where we can easily do this? Your bathtub.

When water gets in the holes and cracks in your bathtub, the wet and humid environment that is your bathroom can create a perfect recipe for mold growth. To ensure this does not happen in your tub, you will want to make sure all those unnecessary gaps are caulked. This will help keep your bathtub in good condition for years to come, allowing you to enjoy clean baths/showers in an aesthetically pleasing space. Keep reading to learn how to properly caulk your tub, and remember that you can always turn to our blog for more helpful plumbing tips and tricks.

Caulking Your Bathtub in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Assemble Your Tools: Caulking is a simple job as long as you have the right tools. Before you begin, make sure that you have a caulking gun, a tube of caulk, some rubber gloves, a razor scraper, painter’s tape, paper towels, and some denatured alcohol (also known as methylated spirits.) Keep in mind that not all caulk is the same, so always read the label when shopping for this project. If you cannot find a single-edge razor scraper, a utility knife will also work. You should be able to purchase all of these items online, or at the closest home improvement store.
  2. Get Rid of Any Old Caulk: Before you can put down new caulk, you’ll have to get rid of the old. Use your razor scraper or knife for this part of the job. The scraper tends to work better, since plastic blades have less of a chance of damaging your tub, but the utility knife will work okay too, as long as you are careful. Once you have finished removing all the caulk, wipe your bathtub down to remove any errant pieces. You may also want to employ your hand-held vacuum for this part. Use the paper towel and denatured alcohol for the cleaning process (making sure alcohol is thoroughly wiped up before you decide whether to take the vacuum out.)
  3. Apply the New Caulk: Finally, you can cut the tip off your caulk tube, load it in the gun, and get to work. Make sure you complete the caulking process slowly, holding the gun at a 45-degree angle. You do not want to miss any spots, or end up putting too much in one area. This is where you should use your painters tape, to prevent the caulk from getting everywhere. Once the caulk has been applied, use some wet paper towel to press it down gently, so it creates seamless lines in the grooves of your bathtub. Finally, you can remove your tape and wait for the caulk to dry. Keep in mind, it will be two days before you can use your tub again, so plan ahead when it comes to bathing and showering.

For Bathroom Plumbing Needs, Call Carter Quality Plumbing

If you do not feel like attempting the caulking process on your own, call Carter Quality Plumbing to take care of your tub for you. We have extensive experience with bathroom remodeling, so you can trust us to keep your bathtub and all other appliances in great shape. Contact our experienced plumbers today to learn more about our full range of services, and experience superior plumbing work at an exceptional price.

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