The Top Five Reasons to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

A technician completes the installation on a tankless water heating system.

Looking to upgrade your home and save money while also future-proofing yourself for new technology? A tankless water heater may be the answer. Tankless water heaters are rapidly growing in popularity. They’re long-lasting, durable, and over time can actually be one of the best investments you make both in your quality of life and in the cost of owning your home.

As the name implies, tankless water heaters don’t actually keep a tank of water stored at your ideal temperature. Instead, they heat your water as you need it and send it straight into your home’s hot water lines. There are a ton of benefits of doing things this way, and our blog will talk about a few of them. Here are the top five reasons why you too should switch over to a tankless water heater system.

Stop Replacing Your Water Heater Every Decade

Did you know the average tank-style water heater only has a life expectancy of around eight years? Despite the fact that water heaters are some of the most depended-on appliances you own, they also have one of the shortest lifespans. The moment a tank starts leaking or your water heater experiences some other form of a problem that’s too difficult to fix, you’ll need to replace it and that can get expensive quickly.

If you don’t want to have to worry about this issue, switching to tankless water heating is the way to go. Any problems a tankless water heater has can be repaired, and with proper maintenance a tankless system can last for decades. A tankless water heater system may be the last water heater you ever need to buy.

Stop Stressing About Water Heater Problems

Water heater problems are stressful. Whether it’s a small leak that could cause serious damage to your home, a defective heating element preventing your water heater from working properly, or any other fault, any problem is a reason to be concerned. However, tankless water heaters are generally far more reliable and dependable than their tank-style predecessors. Not only are tankless systems less likely to encounter issues like leaks or broken components, but they’re also far safer and more dependable. You’ll enjoy peace of mind that comes from knowing your water heater is functioning perfectly and that your family and home are protected from issues that may be rare, but still possible with a tank-style heater.

Never Run Out of Hot Water Again

Tank heaters have an inherent flaw: they run out. They can only produce a finite amount of hot water at a time before they need to refill and reheat. That means if you need hot water but have already used up everything in the tank, you’ll either have to put off what it is you were about to do or you’ll have to deal with not having hot water to do it. That’s not a lot of fun when trying to take a shower or do dishes. With a tankless water heater, waiting for the tank to refill is a thing of the past. Because these systems produce the hot water you need on-demand, there will always be hot water flowing through your lines. No more waiting around or dealing with hot water running out on you when you need it.

Save Money on Utility Bills

Because a tankless water heater only heats water once, it actually saves you a tremendous amount of energy. Even the most well-insulated and sophisticated tank-style water heater is going to lose heat after a while. When the temperature dips too low, burner or heating elements will have to turn back on and consume more energy to bring that water back up to your ideal temperature. When nobody is home to use hot water for quite some time, your heater may go through several cycles until you need it again. That’s a lot of wasted energy every that you’re paying for every month.

By only heating the water you need when you need it, tankless water heaters prevent this energy waste and save you a ton of money. They also save you money on system replacements, as you likely won’t need to replace a tankless water heater for decades as opposed to tanks that need replaced roughly every ten years. Many experts actually estimate that a tankless water heater could pay for itself in savings over the lifespan of roughly the average tank-style water heater.

Futureproof Your Home

Do you want to make sure your home is prepared for the future? Energy usage restrictions are being introduced around the country and more and more go into effect every year. Before long, tank-style water heaters may no longer be allowed where you live. If you want to make sure your home is prepared for the future, investing today can be the smartest decision you make as a homeowner.

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