3 Tips for Choosing a Water Filtration System

woman drinking water

Whole house water filtration systems are one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the highest quality water possible, even if you have city water. But how do you know which type is right for your family? Today, the Rock Hill plumbers at Carter Quality Plumbing want to share three tips for choosing an in-house water filtration system.

  1. Take note of any problems with your water. Does your drinking water have an unpleasant smell or taste? Does soap not lather up in the shower? Do you have water spots on your dishes? Knowing which issues need correcting will help you find the system you really need.
  2. The number of people and bathrooms in your home makes a difference. The number of people who live in your home determines how much water you use. Water consumption will help you pick the right filtration system.
  3. Has your water been tested? Discovering what’s in your water will also play a large part in your decision. For instance, if a water test shows you’ve got high levels of certain minerals in your water, you may need a system that’s specifically designed for those contaminants.

Are you ready to learn more about whole house water filtration systems? Call Carter Quality Plumbing to speak with our Rock Hill plumbers. See how our in-house water filtration systems can help you!

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