3 Different Types of Water Heaters

Person adjusting temperature on a hot water heater

Research is an important part of making any purchase for your home. From your plumbing system to your septic tank, it pays to do your homework. The same is true when it comes to purchasing a water heater. To help in your research, the team at Carter Quality Plumbing has created a list of some of the different types of water heaters you can choose for your home:

  1. Heat Pump – These water heaters use electricity to transfer heat from one source area to another rather than producing heat directly.
  2. Storage Tank –  These are the most common type of water heater you’ll find in a home. They store hot water in a large tank until you’re ready to use it.
  3. Tankless  – This is the latest and most popular trend in water heaters. Tankless water heaters pull groundwater through heat sources whenever you turn on your hot water faucet. They’re excellent at saving both energy and money.

Still wondering which type of water heater you need for your home? Call Carter Plumbing LLC today! We’ll do more than just set one up in your home. We also offer routine inspections, descaling, and repairs for all types of water heaters. Call today for service in Rock Hill, Lancaster, Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Indian Land, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas.

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