Can You Rescue Jewelry That Fell into a Toilet?


Last month, we took a look at what happens when jewelry and similarly small objects fall down the drain. They’re often recoverable because they get caught in the P-trap – but what if something small and precious gets flushed down the toilet?

If this has happened to you, no one will fault you for feeling the situation is hopeless. Fortunately, however, there is hope yet!

What If My Jewelry Fell Into the Toilet?

Even if your jewelry was flushed in a toilet, you may be able to recover it. Toilets have their own built-in traps that seal off the bowl from the sewer line, so it’s possible that your jewelry is stuck somewhere in this trap.

Retrieving jewelry from a toilet is a more involved process, so you should strongly consider hiring a plumber to do this for you. You’ll need to turn off your toilet’s water supply and remove all water from the tank and the bowl – DON’T FLUSH! This can flush your jewelry down into the sewer line.

Once your toilet is clear of water, you’ll need to remove the bowl from the floor and turn it upside down. Your jewelry might simply fall out, or you may need to gently agitate the bowl to work it out. After retrieving your jewelry, all you have to do is reassemble your toilet and turn on the water.

For the best chances of recovering your jewelry, you should have a professional plumber help you with this process!

What If My Jewelry Isn’t In the Toilet Bowl?

If your jewelry isn’t in the toilet bowl, it probably made its way down the drain. At this point, a professional plumber can perform an inspection with a special camera to see how far down the drain your jewelry went and if it can be recovered. If it can be recovered, the plumber can cut the pipe to retrieve your jewelry before reconnecting it.

Keep in mind that this service can cost a few hundred dollars to even a thousand dollars or more, depending on the total work and time involved. That being said, going to such lengths to rescue jewelry may only be worth it if it’s an item of significant sentimental and/or monetary value.

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