Is It Safe to Pour Grease Down the Drain?


Although it may be convenient, you should avoid pouring kitchen grease down your drain. Even a small amount of grease from cooking can cause all kinds of plumbing problems. Let’s take a closer look at this topic below.

What Is Kitchen Grease?

Kitchen grease refers to vegetable oils and animal fats that are often leftover from cooking. When you fry strips of bacon, you might accumulate a fair amount of grease in your pan. If you use a fryer, you’ll end up with a good amount of oil as grease in the end.

Can I Put Kitchen Grease Down the Drain?

You should never pour kitchen grease down any of your drains. Although common myths may say it’s OK as long as you run hot water or pour in dish soap afterward, kitchen grease can and will gunk up your drains over time.

When that happens, your drains will become noticeably slower until they stop entirely, leaving you with a constantly battle against clogs. At this point, you may need to contact a professional plumber to provide you with a thorough drain cleaning service that protects your pipes – unlike drain cleaning chemicals you’ll find in the store.

How Do I Get Rid of Kitchen Grease?

The best way to get rid of kitchen grease is to pour it into a disposable container, wait for it to cool, and then throw it out in the garbage. If there’s only a little bit of grease in your pan, you can mop it up with a paper towel when it cools down a bit.

You’ll notice that as the grease cools, it congeals into a more solid form. This is what happens inside your pipes, which is why pouring grease down the sink is so bad for your plumbing.

Helping Customers Clear Tough Drain Clogs

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