Three Steps to Follow in a Plumbing Emergency

You don’t get to choose when plumbing problems suddenly impact your home. Everything may be totally fine and stress-free, and one little thing you were entirely unaware of can suddenly go wrong, leaving you to try and stop the problem and prevent potentially disastrous damage to your home. However, if you aren’t prepared for what to do in the event of a plumbing emergency, it’s easy to panic, make a mistake, or even forget about something important that could have otherwise prevented a lot of stress when dealing with the problem.

To help you better prepare for plumbing emergencies that can hit your home at any time, this blog has some helpful tips you can follow to take action quickly. Read on to learn more.

Find Your Water Shutoff Valve

A burst pipe is one of the more common plumbing emergencies, and they are particularly likely during winter months where freezing temperatures can set in and freeze the water in your pipes. When water freezes, it expands, and when it expands, it can cause your plumbing lines to crack or burst, resulting in water spilling out into your home.

When this happens, the first thing you should do is shut off your water supply. This is done at an emergency shutoff valve that is usually located somewhere in your house that’s extremely close to your main water connection. In most cases, this is in your garage near the front of your home. In other cases, if your garage is detached or in the rear of your home, this could be in a closet toward the front or possibly under a cover somewhere in your front yard. If you aren’t sure, take a few minutes to locate it now before anything serious happens. Knowing where this is in a pinch could be the difference between a minor cleanup job and a serious remodel to repair a ton of damage.

Check for Other Issues

Plumbing problems sometimes come in pairs. For example, if you find you’re suddenly dealing with a stubborn toilet that’s plugged up and won’t budge, check to see if your sink and shower are also draining. If they aren’t, you may not be dealing with the problem you thought you were. This is a sign you have a clog further down your drain. Your vent pipe could be blocked, preventing the water in your line from draining smoothly. In any case, this isn’t something that can be fixed with a plunger and some elbow grease—it’ll need professional help. Checking for other issues can tell you what the best course of action is and help you determine if you should reach out to a professional plumber for help right away.

Evacuate If Necessary

Plumbing problems don’t always mean issues with water lines—they could also mean damage to your gas system, including allowing gas to leak into your home. Natural gas can be fatal if ingested in excessive quantities, so you’ll want to get out of your house as soon as possible. If you smell gas throughout your home, get everyone out of your home as soon as possible, including pets. Call 911 immediately—a gas leak is a serious matter that needs to be attended to by emergency services, who have the equipment to do it correctly. Once you get the all-clear to reenter your home, call a plumbing professional right away so you can get your gas line repaired.

Call for Help

Finally, don’t try to handle a plumbing emergency on your own—professional plumbers have the training and skill to do that. Instead, reach out to a trusted team of plumbers who offer emergency services. Many plumbing companies, including the experts at Carter Quality Plumbing, offer 24/7 emergency availability and can send someone to you at any time, day or night. When a longer wait means a longer and more involved cleanup and repair process, you need a company who will come to you and repair your plumbing issues when they happen.

If you have sustained flood damage, you should also call two other parties: your home insurance company, and a flood damage and mold remediation crew. Your home insurance company will more than likely cover the flood damage your home has sustained, so you will want to get started with your claim as soon as possible. Take pictures and send as much information as you can as soon as you can because the longer you wait, the more difficult your claim will become. A flood damage remediation crew can get to work getting rid of the standing water in your home, including potentially contaminated water. They can also help with cleaning up any mold and mildew colonies that have sprouted as a result of your plumbing emergency.

If you have a plumbing emergency, call Carter Quality Plumbing at (803) 998-2270 for experienced repairs right away!