Why Are My Pipes Leaking?

Leaking Pipe

Leaking pipes can result in high water bills and extensive water damage in your home. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize that their pipes are leaking until it is too late. In order to protect your home from damage such as mold, rotten wood, paint bubbles, and stained walls and ceilings, the best thing you can do is become informed. Knowing the main causes of leaking pipes can help you to prevent such leaks from taking place. Read on to learn about the top reasons that pipes leak.


Clogs are one of the most common causes of leaking pipes. As grease, hair, debris, small objects, or any other matter builds up in your pipes, clogs form. These clogs block water from coming through, which results in an increase in pressure around the area of the clog. This pressure breaks pipes down and can result in leaks.

Extremely High Water Pressure

Pipes are only designed to withstand a certain level of pressure. When water runs through your pipes at excessive speeds, it can begin to break down your pipes from within. This wear and tear on your pipes can result in pipes leaking or even bursting.

Tree Roots

It is actually quite common for tree roots to grow into water lines, causing cracks and leaks. Once they make their way into your water line, they will continue to grow and cause major problems for your plumbing system.

Broken Seals

In any spot where your pipes connect to a fixture, a rubber seal is placed over the pipe to create a watertight connection. As these seals age, they become degraded and form cracks. When this happens, water is able to seep out.


Unfortunately, our pipes can’t last forever. As the years go by, they often become corroded by things such as high water pressure, rust, hard water, over-the-counter drain cleaners, and more. No matter the cause, the deterioration of pipes will eventually lead to leaks.

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