3 Top Plumbing Tips for the Fall

Faucet running as fall leaves float in sink

Fall finally decided to arrive, so it’s time to think about a few seasonal maintenance tasks for your plumbing. As any plumber will tell you, these simple to-dos can make a real difference around your house. Here at Carter Quality Plumbing, we want to make life easier for our customers. Here are three top plumbing tips that you should take care of this fall.

  1. Take care of your outdoor plumbing – With freezing temperatures on the way, take time now to care for any outdoor plumbing fixtures and accessories. Carefully wrap up spigots with Styrofoam covers to protect them from cold air. This helps stop your faucets and pipes from freezing. Also, make sure you turn off and drain irrigation systems and disconnect any hoses.
  2. Check your water heater’s settings – Next, take a look at your water heater’s settings. As the weather gets colder, it will take more effort to get the warm water you need. Keeping your heater set at 120° will allow your water heater to provide hot water without straining the appliance.
  3. Turn off the water before you go out of town – Finally, if you plan to travel this fall, make sure to turn off your water at the main valve. If you don’t, you could come home to a plumbing disaster in the form of a leak or busted pipe.

For plumbing problems or questions this fall, talk to a plumber at Carter Quality Plumbing.

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