What Should I Do When My Toilet Overflows?

Plunging a toilet

An overflowing toilet is unpleasant but is something that can’t be ignored. When this happens to you, there’s no time to waste trying to figure out the proper plumbing repairs for toilets. Instead, you need to take action. There are a few things you can do before you call in a professional plumber to handle your toilet repairs, including:

  1. Shut off the toilet valve: The most important thing you can do is to stop the flow of water. Shut off the toilet’s valve, which is is usually located at its base.
  2. Mop up the excess water: Next, throw on some rubber gloves, and start cleaning. You’ll want to disinfect the area and get rid of the water so you can safely address the problem.
  3. Attempt to unclog it: Foreign objects like toys, paper towels, wet wipes, and more can get stuck in the toilet. If you can see the item sticking out of the drain, see if you can try to pull it out. If the problem stems from a clog, grab a toilet plunger.
  4. Contact a professional plumber – If you can’t unclog the toilet, call a plumber near you. You could make the problem worse if you continue to try and fix it yourself, and there may be underlying issues that can only be fixed by a professional.

Tips to Prevent Clogs in the Future

Once you clear out the clog, whether it's on your own or with the help of a plumber, there are a few things to keep in mind to prevent them from forming again:

  • Limit the amount of toilet paper you use. While toilet paper is made to be flushed down the toilet, there's still a limit to how much can fit through the pipes at one time.
  • Don't flush paper towels, napkins, or feminine products down the toilet. Some of these products may claim to be flushable on the label, it's far safer to dispose of them in a trash can rather than risking the flush.
  • Keep small objects away from the toilet. Anything that could potentially fall into the toilet and down the drain should be kept well clear of the back of the toilet and the countertops around it.

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