5 Tips to Protect Your Plumbing This Winter

Exterior pipe covered with snow

Winter can take a real toll on your plumbing. Here at Carter Quality Plumbing, we want to help you avoid any disasters when the weather turns cold. Check out our plumbing company’s top five tips to protect your system this winter.

  1. Locate your water main valve – First, get to know your plumbing system better. Locate the water main valve and note its location. Should you have a plumbing problem, you’ll need to quickly shut off this valve to prevent further, costlier damage.
  2. Take preventative care measures – Start taking preventative care measures for your plumbing. When it’s cold, let your faucets drip. Take steps to avoid clogging your drains, and if you do get a clog, fix it immediately. Set your water heater settings to 120°F. Also, if you have a sump pump, check to see if it’s operating correctly.
  3. Insulate your pipes – Next, keep your pipes from freezing over this winter by wrapping them up carefully in insulation. Check on them throughout the winter to make sure the insulation is still secure.
  4. Tidy up your yard – Take time to clean up your property. Clear away debris from your gutters that could affect the drainage flow of rainwater and melting ice or snow.
  5. Call for an inspection – Finally, call us to inspect your plumbing. We can double check to make sure everything’s operating as it should and fix it if it’s not.

When you need a reliable plumbing company to help you take care of your wintertime plumbing woes, call Carter Quality Plumbing.

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