Considering DIY Plumbing Repair? Think Twice!

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Have you been putting off calling a plumber to fix a seemingly minor issue in your home? Or perhaps you’ve read articles (or even watched videos) on how to fix plumbing problems around your house. If so, you may think that DIY plumbing is a good weekend project. But we’d like to caution you against completing a plumbing repair on your own.

Now, we know what you’re thinking—of course, a professional plumber doesn’t want people to try to fix plumbing problems themselves. But we really are looking out for your best interests. Your home’s plumbing system, your schedule, and your wallet will be better off if a plumbing repair is handled correctly the first time by the experts. Here are five examples.

  • Are you on a municipal water system? If so, your plumbing is connected to the water and sewer mains. This is no time for guesswork. Any plumbing repair involving these connections should only be handled by a professional. They know how to do the work correctly.
  • There’s a problem in your drainage line and water (or sewage) is backing up into your home. A plunger can’t fix this problem! This is a telltale sign of a blockage in your sewer main. Only a professional plumber will have the tools needed for effective drain cleaning. They’ll clear the blockage and prevent further backups.
  • Are you upgrading your dishwasher, replacing a water heater, or adding a whole house water filtration system? Don’t be the homeowner who causes a huge leak because of a DIY plumbing mistake. A professional plumber can install these and other appliances with no mess and in less time than you could on your own.
  • You’re remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and want to change the location of your plumbing fixtures. This is always a job for the professionals. Save yourself the headache and expense of future repairs by calling a plumber first.
  • Your plumbing repair involves a gas line, such as those connected to your water heater. Never, under any circumstances, attempt a plumbing repair that involves a gas line. Professional plumbers know how to work with these systems to avoid dangerous leaks that can damage your property and be harmful to your health.

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