Lady smiling while touching and looking at a tankless water heater unit.

Is it Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

A malfunctioning water heater is always unpleasant, especially during the winter. While these appliances can often be repaired, sometimes it might be a better move to replace it. But as a homeowner, how do you know when it’s time to replace your water heater? Your local plumbing company, Carter Quality Plumbing, is here to help you care for your water heater. If you notice these signs, be sure to give us a ring:

Excessive energy consumption

Water heaters use a high amount of energy in order to operate effectively. However, if you notice an unexplained spike in your energy bill, make sure to get yours inspected. Often, a water heater that’s nearing its end will need more energy overload in order to provide the warm water you need. It could be running more than normal due to a problem. Our plumbing company can fix it quickly to bring that bill down or discover a larger issue that may call for replacement.

Appliance failure

If your water heater stops delivering warm water – and this happens time after time – it may be best to buy a new one. Sometimes the heating elements or thermostat may need to be replaced, but sometimes the issue is larger. A plumber can tell you for sure.

Expiration date

In general, the average water heater will last for around eight to 12 years. As they approach the end of their lifespan, water heaters may display signs of poor efficiency and other issues. It’s highly advised that homeowners pay attention to their water heaters, especially if the appliances are older.

If you think it’s time for you to get a new water heater for your home, get the right appliance for the job by calling Carter Quality Plumbing today.

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