Testing water from the faucet

How Often Should You Test Your Well Water?

When well water is at its freshest, there’s nothing like it. In fact, it’s one of the things people seem to like most about living in the country. But if you’re not careful, you could end up with harmful minerals, chemicals, and bacteria in your water supply. Fortunately, you can keep tabs on the purity of your well water by installing a whole house water filter and by conducting regular testing. But how often should you test your water? Carter Quality Plumbing has the answer.

  • Annual tests – If you have a well, start by scheduling an annual water test. Annual tests provide a complete check of pH levels and scan for any water contaminants. If you choose to skip this yearly test, you could be exposing your family to unhealthy substances.
  • Immediate tests – Any groundwater issues are cause for immediate testing. For example, if there’s been a flood or there’s construction work nearby, your water supply could have become contaminated. Your water should also be tested whenever you repair or replace any component of your well system.
  • Conditions that require regular tests – There are also some situations that call for regular testing. Check your water quality on a frequent basis if you’re nursing or pregnant. The same goes for homes with small children or senior citizens.

While well water testing is always necessary, adding a whole house water filter gives you an extra measure of protection. Call Carter Quality Plumbing for a free in-home water test and to learn more about adding a whole house water filter for your well.

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