Plumber adjusting water heater

3 Ways to Maintain Your Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the appliances you rely on most. Without it, there’s nothing but cold water coming out of the tap. Although that may be okay for some things (like cooking), it’s not okay for others (like bathing).

Many homeowners neglect their water heaters until something goes wrong. When this happens, it’s an inconvenience at the very least. At worst, such as with a leak, it can cause damage to your home. The best way to avoid both of these scenarios is to maintain your water heater. Here are some things you can do to keep it in good working condition.

  1. Add insulation. Adding insulation to your water heater’s pipes and tank will prevent heat loss. If your water heater’s in your attic, insulation can also add extra protection against below-freezing temperatures.
  2. Flush the tank. As water sits in your heater, sediment builds up and settles in the bottom of the tank. Draining the water flushes out all of this gunk. Your heater will work more efficiently. Buildup in pipes and hoses will also be reduced.
  3. Check valves and rods. It’s important to make sure the valves on your water heater are working properly. The same goes for the viable anode rod. This component prevents the inside of your tank from rusting. Checking these parts and replacing them when necessary can save you the hassle of larger repairs down the road.

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