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How Water Filtration Can Help Hard Water

Did you know that about 85% of homes in the United States have hard water? Chances are, you know someone with hard water—or you have this problem in your own home. Hard water is defined as water that contains a noticeable amount of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. Hard water can make you feel like you have residue on your hands even after washing off the soap. It can also cause tiny spots on glasses that have just come out of a dishwasher. Fortunately, this problem can be improved with a water filtration system from Carter Quality Plumbing.

As a plumber in Rock Hill and Lancaster, SC, we want to educate you about water hardness so you can truly understand the benefits of whole house water filtration. Besides spots on dishes, hard water can affect your plumbing. Hard water leaves behind a film that accumulates inside pipes, fixtures, and appliances that use water. If hard water is present, dishwashers and washing machines develop a buildup that can eventually cause damage, while water heaters have to work longer and harder to maintain the same temperature. All these problems can be very expensive to repair.

Filtering water can help you avoid these issues. A water filtration system will also remove any unpleasant smells and tastes. You’ll notice that your food tastes better and you’ll be able to drink water straight from the tap. You’ll save money on bottled water and won’t have to pay for the damages caused by hard water. You’ll enjoy the water in your home for years to come.

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