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Look Out for These 3 Common Toilet Plumbing Repairs

When you think of plumbing repairs, you probably think of things that happen in an emergency: a busted pipe or a drain line that’s backed up. But sometimes you should think about making a plumbing repair before the problem gets too serious. That’s especially the case with your toilets. We take this modern convenience for granted, but when they don’t work, you know it. Here are some tips to help you be proactive and avoid a toilet plumbing problem.

First, look out for toilet leaks. At first glance, these may seem minor. However, they can create major issues down the road. Even the tiniest leak can cause moisture damage to your floors and beyond. There are easy ways to check for a toilet leak yourself, but always call a professional plumber to make the actual repairs.

Another common issue is a wobbly toilet. It sounds funny but can be a sign of a big problem. Although sometimes the bolt just needs to be tightened, a toilet can also wobble if there’s water damage underneath. You’ll want a plumber to come in and inspect your bathroom for good measure.

Toilets that run when they haven’t been used are probably in need of some minor repairs. A plumber can replace the flapper or flush valve to stop this annoying problem.

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